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Maharani foods is a majestic supplier serving major airlines-hotels-restaurants-caterers, multiples – retail shops- wholesalers- distributors and fast foods. Maharani specialises in vegetarian cheeses (Halal) . Its success is clearly outlined by the fact that the minimum output of cheeses monthly is 800 tons (approx). Not only do we sell cheeses but also UHT single cream such as St.Ivel, Kerry foods and other dairy products from Dairycrest.

On the dry side of business we sell Golgappa (Panipuri) and Asian savouries and sweets.

By understanding customers’ practical requirements as well as traditional values maharani is uniquely positioned to deliver the services needed to provide and maintain consistently vast operations. Maharani offers hugely competitive prices on products and on its delivery-customer relations- service. Maharani keeps constant pace with the time by consistently developing and delivering quality while its fundamental customer service values remain the same. Maharani’s core value is to ensure that quality never suffers whilst living up to our promises and moving ever closer to realising our vision of delivering perfection to all.


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Food & Drinks Ltd

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